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Welcome to Mommie Club

Networking with other like-minded moms

The Toto and Mommie club welcomes moms of all religions, ethnicities, and political backgrounds to join our community of empowered women who have come together in a spirit of friendship, encouragement, and support.                                   


Mommie Club Benefits


  1. You get a community that journeys with you through motherhood and shares the highs and lows of parenting with you.
  2. Discounts on services offered by our partners, and the best deals for all products for mums.
  3. You get a group of empowered women who you’ll be able to swap notes, trade information on different ways of parenting and see friendships form.
  4. Be part of a community that is changing lives as an anchor for mums who come from underprivileged backgrounds.
  5. Networking with other like-minded moms.


  • Upto 10% Discount
  • Ksh 500 per Month




Binti Mfalme
  • Upto 20% Discount
  • Ksh 1000 per Month




  • Upto 30% Discount
  • Ksh 2000 per Month


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