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About Toto & Mommie

Toto and Mommie is a babywear brand that focuses on the special bond between a mother and a child.

We are a community that helps you to hold on to the good, tread through the bad and welcome the wildest and the most beautiful ride of your life. We aspire to be a voice of encouragement to the community, passionate ambassadors to the underprivileged postnatal care, a haven where mental health stereotypes are battled, and negotiators for the best deals for all products for mums.      


We are pioneers of a social bubble

We are pioneers of a social bubble that journeys with mothers through motherhood, an anchor for mums who come from underprivileged backgrounds and the best babywear brand reputable for quality, comfort and style. All our pieces are made of organic cotton which is super gentle on the baby’s skin. We are a brand that hears Kenyan mothers. We are a brand that is proudly Kenyan.